My Online Security
When purchasing from DP Promotions, Inc. , we want your to feel safe. We have gone to great length’s in focusing on security and reliability with industry standard tools, software and designs.

Online Security Quick Summary
• Our Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) software.
• Advanced Secure High Speed Database Engines.
• Internal protection of data in-house from employee theft.
• Enhanced Secure Web Server Technology
• Internet Address Tracking to track bad guys down

Secured Socket Layer Software (SSL)
Our use of Secure Sockets Layer Software (SSL) provides both of us with encrypted web page conversations. This means that the entire web page that is sent to you is scrambled, and only a special key can unscramble the page back for human reading. The pages are scrambled in both directions, allowing the safest possible way for us to converse.
However, this encryption or scrambling is only performed when exchanging sensitive information, because of the high amount of computer power needed to scramble and unscramble the pages.
You will know when encryption is being used from the display of a lock at the bottom of your browser screen. You can click on the lock to be assured that SSL Encryption is on, and it will display all of the associated information with your encrypted computer conversation.

Fast Secured Databases
We use an advanced high speed database system that feeds information to you in milliseconds. Not only being fast, it has a multitude of security enhancements that allow only certain access to valuable data. Valuable data stored in our databases are encrypted, and only a special key and two passwords can make the data readable by computer or human eyes.

Internal Security
Your data is protected in-house from employee theft. Great lengths have been taken to secure your valuable information from rogue employee’s that lead a life of crime. This protects us as well as you, and is beneficial to all. We do screen employee backgrounds before hiring them.

Secured Web Server Technology
Enhanced Web Server Software that has additional security checks and features serve up the web pages that you receive from us. They are designed to provide additional protection from the Internet and it’s users. This is not off the shelf software right out of the box, but a special breed of software that is our own proprietary technology, that has been years in the making. Several hours a week are spent in improving this software, to make it better and smarter.

Internet Address Tracking
We collect the Internet address of each visit to DP Promotions, Inc. and record it in a database along with the computer’s identity and ISP information. This allows us to back track any data theft or fraudulent transactions, and record and submit abuse.