How much does it cost for a sample of an item?

All samples may be purchased for the listed catalog price plus shipping.

This is my first order, what do I need to know?

A deposit of 50% will be required up front, with the balance paid by check or by credit card before the order is shipped

How do I place an order?

Placing an order may be done over the phone at (877) 222-6206 or on our website by selecting an item and following our checkout process. However, it is important to note a few steps that must take place with each order. First, please make sure to send your print ready artwork to patty@dppromotions.com. Second, please understand that all orders must receive a signed authorization via fax or e-mail to proceed with production. We require this process so that your promotion turns out the way you intend it too.

Is there a minimum amount to place an order?

The minimum amount to place an order is $250.

What is the lead-time for delivering an order?

The standard lead-time for most orders is about one to two weeks, plus shipping time. For overseas production, please allow 6-12 weeks.
How long does an order take if I don’t need my logo imprinted?
In this case, your order will ship within 48 hours, regardless of your order quantity as long as the product is in stock.

What if I have a specific date for my order?

If the delivery schedule is critical, please call ahead to verify our production schedule. When orders are placed, DP Promotions offers its best estimate of shipping date based on our current production load and capacity. DP Promotions is not responsible for expedited freight charges if goods ship after this date. If your purchase order is time-sensitive, please inform your sales representative as soon as possible.

What if I need an order processed in less than 5 days?

This may be done depending on the product and our production schedule. There is a minimum 25% surcharge for orders requiring less than 5 days production.

Is the catalog pricing subject to change?

Since prices fluctuate throughout the year, it is always safe to call your sales representative to verify pricing. Prices in the catalog is subject to change.


What type of imprinting methods do you offer?

Depending on the product, there are many ways to make your logo stand out. Usually a logo is placed on a promotional product by spot screen printing, embroidery or deboss. However, we offer additional imprinting methods such as thermal transfers, full color domes, and pad printing..

What type of imprinting method should I choose?

That all depends on the type of product you are printing. As a general rule, printing on fabric bags or t-shirts is perfect for spot silkscreen printing and embroidery. If the fabric on the tote or shirt is light enough and your logo is fairly complex, you might want to consider a thermal transfer imprint. This method is perfect for photos that need to be placed on a tote or t-shirt. And for leather or faux leather products adding a logo deboss can add a very professional, clean look. This presses the logo into the product, leaving a sharp impression. Some products because of their hard material may require a pad print. An example of this would be a hard plastic water bottle. Lastly, there is a fairly new process to create a logo dome of your logo for bags, portfolios, and laptop bags. This adds a clean stamped logo that can add a new level of professionalism to your promotion. Your sales representative will be your best source for advice on which method is best for your product.

How is spot silkscreen printing priced out?

Spot silkscreen printing is priced by every color you place on the item. So if your logo has two colors (red & white), there will be one charge to run the white print on the product and another charge to run the red imprint on the product. This is called a run charge per color. However, there is another separate charged called a set-up fee. Don’t be alarmed; set-up fees are part of the normal costs involved in imprinting products. Basically, it is the cost for all physical labor involved in setting up each color on the printing machine. Therefore, if we are printing two colors (red & white), we have two set-up fees at $50. Please note there is a discount as the quantity of the item increases. Please call (877) 222-6206 for a custom quote.

How do you price a thermal transfer logo?

Thermal transfers are different from spot screen-printing a logo onto a product. Each logo is pressed onto the light fabric for a clean, photo quality finish. Therefore pricing is based on the size of the logo, not by how many colors the logo contains. Please note there is a discount as the quantity of the item increases. Please call (877) 222-6206 for a custom quote.

How is a deboss logo priced out?

Deboss uses a metal plate to impress each logo onto the leather or faux leather fabric. There is one charge to create the metal plate and another for the run charge per item. Please note there is a discount as the quantity of the item increases. Please call (877) 222-6206 for a custom quote.

How is embroidered logos priced out?

Embroidery is a great way to add elegance to your promotional product. This method of displaying your logo allows up to fifteen colors with no additional cost. Almost every fabric product can be embroidered. We can embroider most custom logos. We also have stock embroidered logos available that can be personalized to fit your needs. Please call (877) 222-6206 for more information and a custom quote.

What is a digitizing cost for embroidery?

However, it is important to note that each time a logo is embroidered for the first time there is a digitizing cost to set-up the logo for production. This process digitally creates your logo into a file that can be readable to produce on an embroidery machine. Yet, this charge can be avoided if you already have a digitized file to submit to our artists. Like all other methods, embroidery has a separate run charge per item. This will be based on the number of stitches it takes to reproduce your logo in an embroidered form. Please call (877) 222-6206 for more information and a custom quote.


How do I send my artwork and in what format?

Please send all artwork to patty@dppromotions.com. You may also upload it on our web site after you have selected the item you are interested in. All submitted artwork must be in Vector format (.ai, .pdf or .eps) with outlined fonts or 300 dpi raster art (.psd or .jpg) to desired imprint size.

What if I do not have artwork ready for print?

Sometimes artwork requires touch-ups or recreation in order to print. For example, if you are printing a two color logo but don’t have a Vector format image; then each color of the logo will have to be redrawn and separated manually to print it correctly. Since this does require time, there will be a $65 an hour alteration fee. Speak with your Sales Representative if you think you might have to have your logo fixed-up.


What should I do if my products seem unacceptable?

Please inspect all goods immediately upon arrival. If there is an error or other problem, a claim must be filed with DP Promotions.  Claims will only be accepted within 10 days of arrival. If customers fail to give written notice within this time, the goods will be deemed acceptable, and the customer is bound to pay for all goods.

How do I return merchandise?

Repairs and Exchanges will only be accepted when goods are defective. For all in-stock or off-the-shelf items, a 25% restocking fee will apply. Items must be in new or unused condition, free from imprinting or other modifications. No credit will be issued until DP Promotions confirms receipt of returned goods.


What are the terms of payment on my order?

All orders require a 50% deposit and COD on delivery. Net 30 days may be available on approved credit only. Please request a credit application and allow two weeks to process. If an account becomes delinquent, all orders will be placed on credit hold and a 1.5% monthly interest charge will be added to outstanding invoices.

What type of credit cards do you accept?

DP Promotions accepts VISA, MasterCard, and American Express for deposits and full payments.


I have a specific shipping carrier, what should I do?

Please provide DP Promotions with the carrier and shipping account to use your preferred carrier.

How do I get a quote for freight on my order?

DP Promotions may provide you with a freight estimate as a courtesy; however, this does not constitute a firm freight amount.

Who pays for freight on all orders?

All transportation costs are the responsibility of the customer.
What carrier do you use for freight on orders?
DP Promotions reserves the right to determine the best shipping method available. We can only guarantee the delivery date when the merchandise will leave our warehouse and cannot be responsible for carrier or en-route delays.

Is there a handling charge on my orders?

DP Promotions reserves Yes, there is a $4.00 handling fee that will be added for each box in a shipment.
Is there a special charge for split shipments?
There is an $8.00 fee that will be charged for each split shipment.



Please provide DP Promotions with the carrier and shipping account to use your preferred carrier.


DP Promotions shall not be held liable for delays or inability to ship orders due to unforeseen circumstances including government quota restrictions, problems clearing Customs, labor disputes, freight line delays, natural disasters or other Acts of God.


DP Promotions reserves the right to photograph customer’s promotional items and logos for promotional use, except where specifically prohibited with prior written notice from customer. Logos shown in this catalog are for illustrative purposes only and do not imply endorsement of any company, entity, or organization. Products with printed logos are not offered for sale.


Due to variances in materials, DP Promotions cannot guarantee continuity of shade, color, size, texture, or construction of finished goods from lot to lot. All product dimensions may vary by up to ½” according to manufacturing tolerances. Catalog photography may not be representative of true product colors. Prices, specifications, and product availability are subject to change without notice. When DP Promotions accepts a customer’s purchase order, it constitutes an agreement based soley upon DP Promotions Terms and Conditions, regardless of any conditions specified on customer’s purchase order.