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Take silk-screening your t-shirts or promotional items to the next level with direct to garment printing

Direct to Garment printing is a fantastic alternative to silk-screening, and offers many benefits such as low count runs, and the ability to take corporate logos that were previously sewn on by patches, and just print them directly onto the garment.

The expanded direct to garment gallery contains more sophisticated graphics that have been printed directly to the garment via DTG printers. These samples have been scanned or photographed with a camera, and are true samples and not computer generated. The samples should give you insight into the possibilities that exist with Direct to Garment Printing and your company logo and brand artwork for your promotional apparel.

Seriously consider the use of this service for your next promotional t-shirt or sweat-shirt project. DP Promotions will help you or your company with your project, and can also provice a virtual sample for your inspection.


We have changed the look and feel of our website for 2011, to stay up to date with the lastest and current trends.


Whether it's a promotional-item or promotional product, custom embroiderd hats, garments and apparels, or custom silk-screening on a variety of items such as t-shirts, tote-bags, blankets, coffee-mugs, and beer glasses, we have 700,000+ items for you to choose from.

Now you can purchase these tools direct from our website, and have them shipped straight to your business.

Shop online or feel free to call and place an order today at 877-222-6206

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