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Digital Printing or more commonly known in the industry as DTG (Direct to Garment) has evolved into a very promising technology. Special large scale ink jet printers spray special inks directly upon the garment with high resolution nozzles, creating stunning and vibrant results. It's like a giant ink jet printer, but for garments and apparel.

We’re seeing more and more practical uses for this technology being put to use now, such as the transition from sewing on embroidered patches to just printing them out on the garment from a computer file. The latest generation Corporate and Brand logos that are more 3D looking with gradients and shading is a breeze, and come out looking stunning and vibrant.

The quality of DTG printing compared to traditional silk-screening is almost as superior with today's advance DTG printing systems. The idea of being to create your artwork on your personal computer using Corel Draw or Adobe Illustrator is a huge benefit for companies that are just exploring the possibilities of using T-Shirts and Sweatshirts to as promotional items or giveaways.

Explore the direct to garment gallery, and discover the detail and quality obtainable from DTG printing, compared to traditional silk-screening. DTG printing will produce excellent results for your promotional items.

Take a look at the samples above to get an idea of what levels of quality are presently available from direct to garment printing. Some of the images are extreme close-ups of how the ink lays on the garment fibers, and the others are basic samples showing how vibrant the colors can be, and the levels of detail that will reproduce in the artwork that you submit to us.

The samples above should clearly indicate that DTG printing is very safe to use for low run counts. The quality is very high, and the durability and resistance to machine washing and fading is good as well. When you consider the price, you'll find them very effective and economical. Call DP Promotions today to discuss your project.


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